Registration No

1357/2066 – 05 -05 (B.S.) in August 21, 2009 at District Administration Office, Parsa


28052/2066 – 05- 09 (B.S.) in August 25, 2009 at Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu, Nepal

Last General Assembly

2074 – 05 – 04 (B. S)

Recent Audit Date

2075 – 01- 02 (B.S.)

Pan/VAT Number


Recent Renewal Date

2075– 02 – 09 (B.S.)

Executive Committee

7 ( 4 male , 3 female )

Targeted Groups

Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Youth, Children, Women and Differently abled

Sahyogi Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit making, independent organization working in different district of central Terai region having central office in Dhobini Rural Municipality manged from another office at Birgunj, Parsa. Led and managed by a group of young individuals coming from various walks of life, this organization has been working for the betterment of society with the ultimate motive to make it a liveable place for all. Initiated in 2009 with the spirit to bring change in the established community Sahyogi Nepal went to become one of the most dedicated organization of the district merely years after launching its pioneer project.

Grasping an experience of 9 years Sahyogi Nepal has worked in dynamic sectors including Education, Peace & Security, Legal Aid support for judicial remedy, Democracy & human rights, Poverty alleviation, Entrepreneurship, Health, hygiene & sanitation, Climate change, social accountability and anti-corruption, agriculture and livestock development, to list a few, with funding support from various organization.

Recently Sahyogi Nepal joined hand with a number of local levels in Parsa district to host events promoting good governance and public awareness. It also collaborated with Pokhariya Municipality to encourage students from Dalit and Muslim community towards education. 

Sahyogi Nepal is governed by General Assembly which is held every year. It has a 7 member Executive Board to run the programs of the organization. The day to day implementation, monitoring and planning is done by Sahyogi Nepal.

The resource base of Sahyogi Nepal is mostly different government authorities from ministry to local level. However, Sahyogi Nepal also receives contribution from local community as donation.

 Sahyogi Nepal strives to achieve the following objectives in Bara and beyond:

  • Access to education for all
  • End of gender-based discrimination/ Ensure distributive justice
  • Farm and off-farm based agricultural entrepreneurship development
  • Organizing, empowering and mobilizing Youths in favour of change
  • End of child labour and child abuse
  • Resource Access to the poor/Women’s equal rights over property
  • Access to health and sanitation service for all  
  • Arrest climate change
  • End fear and gain peace for all
  • End of rights abuse through monitoring, documentation and judicial remedy
  • Environmental awareness raising/fighting climate change
  • Farmers rights
  • Women’s rights/Child rights
  • Combating superstition through awareness and knowledge  
  • People’s access to press

Values and beliefs of SAHYOGI NEPAL

             Values Sahyogi Nepal adheres to

  • Every child has right to go to school
  • Children not in classroom means children in labour
  • Social harmony, peaceful mutual coexistence
  • Peaceful social, non-violent movement in favour of change
  • Gender & social inclusion
  • Rule of law, transparency, accountability and good governance
  • Women’s equal rights on property
  • Equal wage to equal work
  • Essential human dignity
  • Right to body, health and hygiene

What Sahyogi Nepal Opposes  

  • Use of children in war
  • Child labour
  • All forms of violence against women
  • Dowry system
  • Discrimination based on caste, creed, colour and race
  • Use of violence to achieve political ends

Approaches of SAHYOGI NEPAL

Working in partnership with grass roots, marginalized farmer’s agricultural workers, marginalized communities, women, youth and children, Sahyogi Nepal facilitates community participation in program formulation, implementation and monitoring with equal participation of women in decision-making and work place. We would like to undertake and implement projects that ensure:

  • HRBA (Human Rights Based Approach)
  • Need based approach
  • Participatory Approach
  • Integrated Development Approach


Sahyogi Nepal will devise strategy taking into account the strength, weakness opportunities, and threats while designing a project on above given themes. In every such strategy youth, women and children will be at the centre of Sahyogi Nepal.